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Isabella Cardinale on her week-long marriage: 'My mother wanted to kill me'

Isabella Cardinale on her week-long marriage: 'My mother wanted to kill me'

Isabella Cardinale He experienced intense passion when he discovered love in Reality show. The young woman even started dating Pedro Moreira Off screen, in a relationship that lasted five years. After the couple tied the knot, they separated a week later and the divorce was signed six months after their wedding day.

next to Julia PineiroOn the afternoon of Friday, April 19, Isabella Cardinale spoke about this phase of her life and began to leave the certainty that “They were very good years“The one you shared with your ex-husband and not because the marriage ended you no longer have a strong force.”KindnessWritten by Pedro Moreira.

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I don't think it was the wedding itself, obviously. I think we were smart, actually. There was a disagreement in which we both could not reach a consensus, and we really wanted to pursue our professional areas, which were in question due to our relationship.“, he explained on the program Julia.

But the truth is that the announcement of the separation, a week after the “yes” day, provoked some negative reactions to Isabella Cardinale. “Mainly for family. My mother wanted to “kill me.” 'but why? But what happened?'The young woman recalls the questions the family asked at that time.

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I think that along with courage we have to look at what makes us happy and what we want in the long term. It's not being brave, it's looking at our happiness as individual beings, because if we're not okay at that moment and if something doesn't make sense, it's not worth prolonging it.“He shared.

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Now, Isabella Cardinale knows that this is bound to happen. “These days I know I had to set out to find my purpose. I think if I had continued with Pedro I would not have realized that and it would have caused me a lot of damage over the years.“He finally admitted.

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