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ISEL is investing $7.5 million to build carbon-neutral housing

ISEL is investing $7.5 million to build carbon-neutral housing

The accommodation is funded through the Affordable Student Accommodation Program and is expected to come into effect in the 2025/2026 academic year.

On Monday, November 6, the Higher Institute of Engineering of Lisbon (ISEL) announced the start of a project to build a residence for students, teachers and researchers, integrated into the new building. Campus Polytechnic, which represents an investment of 7.51 million euros.

The project called “ISEL Carbono Zero Residence” is funded under the Affordable Student Housing Programme. It is estimated that work on the housing will begin in the 2025/2026 academic year.

ISEL says the residence will integrate a range of new infrastructure and that it is “in dialogue with potential partners to develop it”.

The residence has a maximum capacity of 230 beds and will provide low-cost housing for displaced students, both national and foreign, as an essential part of the university’s more comprehensive infrastructure. Environmental Campuswhich will also include A center Advanced research and training, technology laboratories, training rooms, startup incubator area, and business spaces.

This accommodation aims to alleviate the worrying difficulties that students face in relation to housing, especially in large cities, while embracing the different aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – that constitute it in a comprehensive way. Living laboratory “In terms of advanced training for sustainability,” says José Nascimento, president of the Higher Institute of Engineering in Lisbon.

The project is under development in line with the initiative The new European BauhausIts goal is the intersection of art, culture, science and technology, with environmental sustainability as a common denominator, and it intends to be this Environmental Campus poses itself as Lighthouse In the field of environmental sustainability and Smart cities“, he adds.

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ISEL also highlights the role of the complex as an opportunity to rehabilitate and transform the Marvilla urban area in which it is located, combining local community benefits with a roadmap towards carbon neutrality.