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Isopods: – Exclusive ramen with a “dream ingredient”

Although ramen is said to have originated in China sometime in the 17th century, the noodle dish is primarily associated with Japanese cooking. In the early 1980s, the dish truly became a Japanese cultural icon.

Since then, ramen has made its way all over the world, and it’s infused with great enthusiasm here in Norway, too. It should be served hot, with miso or soy sauce at the bottom of the serving bowl, then broth, noodles, and finally various toppings.

But it takes a little more than what a noodle shop in Taipei’s Zhongshan district can “entice” into.

It is also found along the Norwegian coast

in Facebook posts The Ramen Boy writes that you can be tempted by a dish served in limited quantities. They also write that the dish is covered with a “dream ingredient”.

And we’re not talking pork, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, or bamboo shoots here.

The photos shared by Ramen Boy in the post show a bowl of ramen topped with a giant isopodalso known as tangus.

Goliaths: Sea lice, or sea lice, are usually small crustaceans. But the group has a great variance in size. Photo: Facebook/The Ramen Boy
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Isopods are a group of 14-legged crustaceans that usually live deep at the ocean’s surface. Isopods include up to 10,000 different species.

100 of these have been observed in Norwegian waters. Many will also be familiar with the skrukketroll, Norway’s only land-dwelling crustacean.

Breakfast shakes: - Deviled eggs

Breakfast shakes: – Deviled eggs

Unexpectedly fresh and sweet

The sizes of isopods vary. According to The Ramen Boy, this behemoth is about 50cm long and was pulled from the depths surrounding the Dongsha Islands, southwest of Kaohsiung City.

In a Facebook post, the noodle shop said they steamed the animal after removing its stomach entrails.

Yumi: According to the noodle shop, this should taste good.  Photo: Facebook/The Ramen Boy

Yumi: According to the noodle shop, this should taste good. Photo: Facebook/The Ramen Boy
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– The white meat part tastes like lobster and crab.

The yellow glands taste like crab roe. The overall taste is unexpectedly fresh and sweet.

Although the frame is encased in an isosceles shell, it is for decoration only. The broth itself is cooked from a rich chicken and fish broth, including dried and smoked tuna.

“Chonkosaurus”: – What did it eat?

Only for regular customers

The price of this deep sea isopod ramen dish is NT$1,480. This corresponds to just over 500 NOK.

The Ramen Boy further wrote that the dish would only be available to its regular customers. Those who want a taste must also register in advance.

Noodle: Recently, more and more people have been uploading videos where they fix things with noodles. Video: YouTube.
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The post sparked a reaction among the store’s Facebook followers.

– I thought this was a noodle shop, and then it turned out to be something from “Star Trek,” one follower jokes.

– Another person pointed out that the first person who ate crab and prawns was also brave.

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