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Autovoucher: Apoio de 0,40 euros/litro no combustível em abril

ISP is low on gasoline next week! know how much

The rise and fall of gasoline and diesel prices continues week after week. With the weekend, begins the possibility of what will be next week.

According to the information, the ISP will drop in gasoline, with a reduction of 24.6 cents, and remain in diesel. Find out the estimated values ​​for the next week.

Fuel: ISP drops gasoline by 24.6%

The government set an ISP rate cut on gasoline, effective next week, which translates to an overall relief of 24.6 cents per liter, and kept the price of diesel, down 21.5 cents, announced.

According to a report Ministry of Finance...

Taking the perspective of price developments next week, the government has decided to reduce the ISP rate by 0.5 cents per liter of gasoline, effective next Monday, May 30.

In contrast, the ISP rate applied to diesel will remain unchanged, "taking into account the cumulative deviation from previous weeks, which is estimated at 0.8 cents per liter next week."

Fuel: ISP is low on gasoline next week!  know how much

Thus, taking into account the measures in place (the weekly ISP audit mechanism and the reduction of unit rates to the equivalent of a 13% VAT rate), the reduction in the tax burden would be 21.5 cents per liter for diesel and 24.6 cents per liter for gasoline.

Referring to the DGEG data, the average price of a simple 95 petrol today is 2,029 euros / liter and the price of a simple diesel is 1,759 euros / a liter (average at 2,426 stations).

Gasoline Additive 98 has a PVP of 2,194 euros / liter (average 892 stations).

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