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Israel and Palestine: – Found dead

Israel and Palestine: – Found dead

On Sunday, the Israeli authorities published a message on X/Twitter, calling for Noya Dan.

“This beautiful 12-year-old autistic girl was kidnapped from her home by Hamas terrorists and taken to Gaza,” they claimed.

They said that Noya Dan was a huge fan of “Harry Potter” and posted a picture of herself wearing the famous “Harry Potter” costume.

“She is sensitive, kind, funny and a huge Harry Potter fan,” the letter read.

Gaza: – An indescribable hell

Spread the message

Israel invited popular book author Noya Dunn, who was a huge fan of JK Rowling, to spread the message to her millions of followers.

She was quick to do so, and at the time of writing, her post has been viewed by up to 28 million people.

Now Noya Dan has been found dead, reports say The Times of Israel.

-Our hearts are broken

The newspaper reported that Noya Dan was found dead with her 80-year-old grandmother.

She and her grandmother were victims of the Hamas massacre, they write.

On X/Twitter, the Israeli authorities confirm their deaths.

“We are shocked to announce that the bodies of Noya and her grandmother Carmela were found yesterday,” they wrote.

“Thank you to everyone who shared her story for bringing her home. Our hearts are broken,” they continue.

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– gross

On Monday, when Noya Dan was nowhere to be found, JK Rowling posted this message, which went viral:

“The kidnapping of children is abhorrent and absolutely impossible to justify. For obvious reasons, this image struck a chord with me. Noya and all the hostages held by Hamas must be returned to their families as quickly and safely as possible.”