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Israeli Defense Minister: The threat of war in Lebanon is increasing

Israeli Defense Minister: The threat of war in Lebanon is increasing

While the war against Hamas is in full swing in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army chief of staff says that the risk of war with the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon is increasing.

The image of Herzi Halevy killing soldiers dates back to earlier in January.

Herzi Halevy said on Wednesday morning: “I do not know when there will be a war in the north, but I can tell you that the probability of it happening now is higher than before.”

According to the newspaper Haaretz.

He is the chief of staff of the IDF, and spoke to reservists who were training in northern Israel.

Iran-backed militia Hizb allah Rockets are constantly sent across the border into Israel. Therefore, many residents of the Israeli side were evacuated to the south.

In recent months, there have been constant skirmishes between Israeli soldiers and the militia. Israeli aircraft bomb targets in southern Lebanon.

The Defense Command claims that they are “destroying” missile launchers and striking important militia targets.

Agence France-Presse believes it can document the killing of 140 Hezbollah soldiers and 50 civilians in Lebanon.

According to Israeli authorities, nine soldiers and six civilians were killed in the skirmishes.

You will create security

– We have a very clear goal in Lebanon, Halevy said.

– That all residents of the North can return to their homes again.

The Chief of Staff said that Israel will enter into a potential war with significant resources, and there may be surprises.

Hezbollah says the cross-border attacks in the past three months are an act of solidarity with Hamas and the residents of the Gaza Strip.

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