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Israel's war against Hamas – pretend plastic skeleton

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This series of photos joins a series of photos and videos that have caused headaches for the Israeli army recently, according to reports AP.

The plastic skeleton, said to have been found by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip on Christmas Day, is carried as if dancing and strapped to the passenger seat of the car, in honor of the photojournalist.

explore: Israeli forces are said to have arrested dozens of Palestinians in Gaza. Reporter: Emma Dallin. Video: X
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The images were published as the Israeli army pledged to take disciplinary action after a “group of isolated cases” of malicious or reckless behavior among its soldiers.

According to the Associated Press, this relates to videos and photos that have spread in recent days.

These images show Israeli soldiers searching private homes in Gaza, destroying plastic figurines in a toy store, trying to burn food and water supplies on an abandoned truck plane, or dancing in circles with their arms around each other chanting racist slogans.

Fun: An Israeli soldier poses with a plastic skeleton found in the Gaza Strip. Photography: Jacques Guez/AFP
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These images caused problems for the Israeli army, which faces international criticism due to the increasing number of civilian deaths in its war against Hamas, according to the Associated Press.

Moreover, the news agency wrote that such videos are not a new or unique phenomenon.

Over the years, Israeli soldiers – and members of US and other military forces – have been caught on camera behaving inappropriately or maliciously in conflict zones.

Photography: Jacques Guez/AFP)

Photography: Jacques Guez/AFP)
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Doesn't cause resentment

The new videos do not seem able to arouse discontent in Israel.

Critics claim that it reflects a nationalist mood that strongly supports the war in Gaza, with little sympathy for the plight of civilians in Gaza.

Mads Gilbert worked as a volunteer doctor in Gaza for a number of years. Now he is causing reactions again with his statements about the war.
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Dehumanization, which starts at the top, very quickly trickles down to soldiers, says Dror Sadot, spokeswoman for the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, which has long documented Israeli abuses against Palestinians.

Israel has been engaged in intense fighting in Gaza since October 7, when Hamas militants attacked southern Israel, killing about 1,200 people, most of them civilians, and taking about 240 hostage.

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