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Issue resolved, Google Cloud is involved

Issue resolved, Google Cloud is involved

On November 16, 2021, bugs occurred on several sites: significantly inaccessible to all functionality of Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, Pokémon Go or Etsy. Google Cloud is involved.

Snapchat Down, Spotify Struggles to Run No Buck and Descart: There were issues with several sites, this Tuesday evening, November 16, 2021, Numeroma was written.

We are not alone: ​​on the Downtector site, Internet users report service failures, and all three names face a big spike in reports. There are others: for example, there is the Etsy service.

In France:

  • Snapchat has already been reported 23,000 times in just ten minutes
  • Disagreement has been reported 7,500 times
  • Spotify has been reported 3000 times

This problem is compatible with bugs in other video game applications such as Pokemon Co., Rocket League Where Apex Legends.

Normalcy returned at 7.30pm French time.

Catch the Downtector on 16 November 2021

Where does the problem come from?

Downtector site decorated with the latest banner: ” Reports indicate that a common malfunction may occur in Google Cloud, which may affect your service. ⁇

On the status page of Google Cloud, we see the line “Google Cloud Networking” decorated with a red cross. Visible directly on the incident notice page, Where it is written that there are problems ” Overall experience with cloud networking .

Google has confirmed that it is aware of an issue affecting the “Google Cloud Platform”.

Google Cloud Networking Status on November 16, 2021 // Source: Google

Not only in France, there are issues with Snapshot

Snapchat is particularly affected by this concern: many users have noticed that they are unable to send messages, and have reported their problems on Twitter with the hashtag #SnapchatDown.

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Snapchat’s official technology department released a statement explaining, ” Many Snapshotters have difficulty using the app. Wait, we are working to fix this! At this time, we advise you to stay in touch », We can read.

And the darkening did not only affect France.

Spotify officially acknowledges the concern

We know there are worries and we are in the process of checking everything! We will let you know Spotify has announced on its official account. However, no official explanation has been given yet.

Numerama’s editorial staff noted that it is possible to open the Spotify app but in some places it is non-standard:

  • On mobile, some playlists (not downloaded) will not load
  • On the desktop, many songs can be accessed, but no sound is produced when you click on the sounds to listen to them in “read” mode.

Difference of opinion

In the Discord web application, we notice that the loading time is longer when starting the application.

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Nino Barbie for Numeroma

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