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Isu Ugonoha's dream!  - Sports WP SportoweFakty

Isu Ugonoha’s dream! – Sports WP SportoweFakty

Marek Samosiuk (4-2) did it again! Isu Ukuha (1-2) of Piala Podlaska was involved in a second crash at KSW 70 Gala. This time it took him less time than the first time.

Voltaire Osovsky

Izu Ugonoh

Press Products / KSW / Photo: Izu Ugonoh

This is Samosiuk’s amazing performance. The Wild East Club representative successfully took the former boxer to the ground after exchanging punches and kicks with Ugono. There he received an excellent post. After breaking the clich, the 25-year-old began bombarding his rival with blows.

Izu Ugonoh could not get out of the unfavorable position and thus did not respond to the opponent’s blows. The judge should stop the execution.

Marek Samociuk defeated Izu Ugonoha for the second time. Earlier, in the KSW 60, the 25-year-old from Piala Podlaska was defeated, but it came as a surprise to everyone that he escaped the storm he had thrown in the first round and expelled the former boxer in the second round.

Isu Ugono’s life in MMA is in question. The 35-year-old has been fighting at KSW since 2020. One win, two defeats is his fighting record. Prior to the gala in dź, Maciej Kawulski, co-owner of the organization, announced that the second defeat with Samociuk would mark the end of Ugono’s adventure in KSW.

KSW 70 Mariusz Pudzianowski faces Michał Materla in the evening fight. The gala broadcast is available on Viaplay and KSWTV.COM (in countries where Viaplay service is not available).

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