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It affected Russia and the European Union wants to repeat the procedure. A new determination of the price of Russian oil is approaching

The proposal joins the G7 countries and the United States

The European Union and its allies are preparing a new attack on one of Russia’s main sources of income: oil. The goal is to once again reduce the price of these fossil fuels.

The proposal reached countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Japan, which are part of the Group of Seven, and stipulates a maximum price of $ 100 (about 92 euros) per barrel, in addition to a maximum of $ 45 (about 41 euros). ) for derivative products.

According to Bloomberg, the aim is for the measure to take effect on February 5, which is exactly the date on which the ban on buying oil products from Russia begins, which the Secretary of State mentioned to the US Treasury. .

The second price limit will be achieved, after the European Union, the Group of Seven major countries and Australia agreed to Put a ceiling on the price of Russian oil a month agoin an embargo that left only Bulgaria, which still receives Russian oil via the Black Sea.

A measure that already has implications for the Russian economy and Moscow’s ability to budget, at least based on the European proposal for a new restriction: “taking into account the effectiveness [da primeira medida] It is appropriate to introduce a second restriction”, which can be read in the European document consulted before Politician.

The EU relies heavily on fossil fuels from Russia, which particularly affects countries in the East or Germany. But the war in Ukraine has made the 27 nations feel the urgency to change their sources of fossil fuel purchases.

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