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It alleges that the driver stopped, looked and ran after the fatal accident

It alleges that the driver stopped, looked and ran after the fatal accident

The truck driver suspected of ramming and killing former cycling star Davide Rebellin, 51, before fleeing the scene and being tracked down in Germany has been identified after cooperation between police in Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

The 62-year-old German driver could expect to be charged with vehicular manslaughter in Italy, but was not arrested because the crime is not covered by German criminal law.

The 51-year-old Rebellin died instantly when he was hit during a bike ride in Montebello Vicentino on Wednesday.

Tracked down thanks to witnesses

According to Il Gazzettino, the truck driver must have been fully aware that he had run into the rebels before fleeing the scene.

Witnesses reportedly saw him get out of the truck and approach the deceased Replin before driving off.

The driver was reportedly tracked down thanks to photos taken by witnesses who arrived at the scene and surveillance footage from the parking lot of a restaurant near the roundabout where Rebellin was killed.

The suspected driver, who works for a shipping company based in northern Germany, is said to have been in Verona carrying a load on Wednesday. After fleeing the scene, he is said to have delivered the shipment in Berlin, before returning home.

– No one should die this way

Before the suspect could be tracked down, the Rebellin family put out a plea for him to come forward.

A family can accept human error, but we can’t stand the idea of ​​leaving a crime scene. David was an expert. We can’t imagine it was his fault, Rebellin’s brother Carlo says to Il Corriere delle Sera.

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– If it turns out that he did indeed escape after killing my son, I hope justice will be served. No one should die this way, says Mother Brigida Gattir.

Italian media also reported that the driver had committed serious offenses on Italian roads in the past. In 2001 he was said to have pleaded guilty after hitting a person and fleeing the scene, but at the time there was no fatal outcome to the accident. The ruling is said to have been overturned due to the statute of limitations.

In 2014, the same driver was caught drunk driving in Chieti.

The cycling world is in mourning after the tragic fatal accident. My condolences to her It flowed after the tragic death of the 51-year-old.