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"It doesn't matter at all..."

“It doesn’t matter at all…”

This Tuesday, July 27, another “Cristina ComVida” movie aired by Cristina Ferreira on TVI. Today’s broadcast topic was “The Wedding” and one of the couples in attendance was Carlos Cuna and his bride, Marisa Lopez Carvalho.

“This love consists of patience, tenderness, a lot of desire and achievements every day, we both fight to conquer things (…) and because something was not programmed in advance”, acknowledged by Carlos M. Cunha, about their relationship.

At some point, having recalled that he had met Marisa Lopez Carvalho through two friends and up to 26 years old, Carlos Cunha was indifferent to this fact, as well as his fiancée, who immediately admitted:

“It doesn’t matter at all, absolutely nothing, at first it made me feel a little confused but then I got used to it (…) Sometimes people’s comments end up annoying me a bit but it doesn’t matter at all (…)” .

Watch the moment here.

Marisa Lopez Carvalho admitted that she did not know, at the time she met him, that he was a public figure, and later explained how she fell in love:

“Things started to happen, I fell in love with him, and with his voice, it was the first thing that made me fall in love (…)”, I acknowledge.

Confirmed by Carlos M. Being that, for his family, it was “easy” to accept the person who is now his fiancée: “I love her (…) the relationship she has with my parents, my children and my eldest daughter (…) and this is necessary”He said, while Marisa also testified about her family:

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“Everything was calm, my family just wanted me to be happy and I’m happy with Carlos”, confirmed.