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"It doesn't seem fair."  Gerard Pique demands a change in the rules after the defeat of Spain

“It doesn’t seem fair.” Gerard Pique demands a change in the rules after the defeat of Spain

The Spanish national team lost to Italy after penalties and said goodbye to their dreams of winning Euro 2020. After the match, Gerard Pique demanded a change in the rules regarding eleven matches.

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On Tuesday, we met the first Euro 2020 finalist. The Italian team that knocked out the Spaniards will play for the European Championship. The game ended 1-1 at regular time. Federico Sisa was selected for the Italians and Alvaro Morata for Spain. Did not come up with a solution to the extra time and penalty shootout competition is necessary.

Traditionally, a draw was made in front of him, which determined which goal was scored and who would start the match. The Italians are lucky to start a penalty shootout. According to experts, it is a significant advantage. In the end, the Italians used four patinonraip, speyiniyarkal only two.

In Unai’s first round, Simon Manuel defended Locatelly’s shot, but shortly afterwards Danny Olmo sent the ball over the goal. Then the Italians no longer missed. However, among the Spaniards in the fourth round, Morata was misunderstood and its shot was saved by Gianluigi Donorumma.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewspsport: How did he do it ?! The goal is amazing!

After the meeting, the Spaniards did not hide their disappointment. They were close to reaching the final of Euro 2020, but had to go with the taste. Gerrard’s voice took on the big social media, never bites his tongue. He was outraged that the Italians had an “unjust advantage”.

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“The team that finished first in Euro 2020 and the last penalty shootout for Copa America is not a coincidence. Statistics show that priority gives more chances. In a match like this, it seems unreasonable.

However, there is no point in changing the system. It is true that the UEFA tested the opportunity to play in eleven matches many years ago as part of the “snake”, which means that the first team makes a penalty first, and then the opponent shoots twice.

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