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- It helps a lot - VG

– It helps a lot – VG

Fighter plane: The Ukrainian Air Force has traditionally used the Soviet SU-27 fighter plane, pictured here in 2018. It is unclear what type of aircraft the Ukrainians were allowed access to.

The US Department of Defense informed the Pentagon that Ukraine has received several combat aircraft and spare parts from abroad.


“They have received several aircraft and spare parts to help them get more combat aircraft in the air,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a news briefing on Tuesday.

Kirby denies that the United States has sent entire planes to Ukraine, but says the Americans helped move some spare parts. He did not detail the number of aircraft and spare parts involved.

Ukraine has long called on the West to send fighter planes. In early March required Poland hands over its MIG-29 fighter jets to the United States, Even it is delivered to Ukraine. was the plan The United States rejected him for the first time, Because of concerns that this could lead to a conflict between Russia and NATO.

But at the end of March, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the United States no longer had “objections” to the transfer of aircraft.

according to American NBC News The US authorities are preparing a new package of military aid to Ukraine – worth 7 billion Norwegian kroner. Sources in the Biden government inform the channel.

Earlier on Tuesday, reporters asked President Joe Biden if the United States was planning to send more artillery to Ukraine, to which the president replied, “Yes.”

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A source in Biden’s administration told CNN that the next “package” could be approved within 36 hours, while another was more cautious, saying it could take days before it is approved.

Sent spare parts: Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the United States sent aircraft spare parts to Ukraine.

It has only had a few planes since the beginning of the war

Assistant Professor at the Armed Forces Air Force School, Lars Peder Haga, told VG that the new combat aircraft are good news for Ukraine:

Anything that can help the Ukrainians keep some fighter planes in the air, it helps a lot. They have had only a few aircraft since the beginning of the war. However, they seem to have used it effectively, he says.

The aircraft are obsolete as a result of use, and they also lost eight combat aircraft, in addition to eight ground attack aircraft. He says that when you have between 60 and 100 planes in the first place, that’s a noticeable loss.

Air Warfare: Associate Professor Lars Peder Haga at the Air Warfare School thinks most important of all is to have the upper hand in the air now that the front lines are moving east into Ukraine.

– What does this mean for the next conflict?

– The simple answer is that anything can help, it helps. Now that the fighting seemed to be focused in the east, it would be very important to be able to move supplies east. Then they should be able to drive fairly safely with their supply shafts.

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– If you have an opponent in complete control of the air, he will be able to find and attack your supply lines. Haga says that being able to deny an opponent at least complete control of the air would be very important.

There is currently no Russian official statement after the news became known.

Canada also announced that it would send heavy artillery to Ukraine.

“Ukrainians have fought like heroes in recent months and they are fighting not just for Ukraine, but for values ​​that are so important to our free and democratic societies,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. Globe and Mail.

Details of what Canada will send are unknown.