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"It is better to change people..."

“It is better to change people…”

After visiting Doina’s house, Uicãa took his wife to see his house. However, things did not go as expected and the contestant was disappointed with her fiancé.

In “Diary” from “Casados ​​à Primeira Vista”, on SIC, on Wednesday, May 4, Uicãa took his wife to see his house, but the reception was not good.

Uicãa attended a barbecue day, but friends were surprised and worried: “The barbecue surprised me because Yuisha was the barbecue guy. I could see that he knew nothing of barbecue ”, A friend of the competitor explained.

A friend’s shot from Uicãa: Please don’t burn our food.. Then the contestant revealed: “But I like barbecue… to eat not to make.”

Doina confirmed alone with the cameras: “I don’t think it goes well in Uicãa and barbecue. Some pieces of meat are already burnt there, I think it is better to change people.”

To make matters worse, Uicãa again made the mistake of doing nothing to accompany the meat and shot it: “Let’s eat meat with meat.” The contestant even offered the sauces he had at home, but all of them were past their expiration date.

Once again, Doina was disappointed with the reception: “If we compare the reception I had with Uicãa at my house and the reception he made here, it will be a little different. There was an appetizer, a main course, a dessert, here we have meat with meat. For them, it’s normal, they celebrate every day, for me it should be quieter.”

Watch the full moment here.

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