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It is bigger than your hand

Moths are known pests around the world and, at least, in the case of Chile, the size and size have increased, especially this summer. An event that has been warned by many, however, according to experts, they do not indicate any danger.

Although Moths are called “night butterflies”, They are fundamental to the ecosystem and pollination process.

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However, a The particular role model stole the view on social networks. That’s it Pam Taylor, Shared a picture with a Facebook group that brings together dozens of insect fans Large moth that even exceeds the size of your hand.

The Australian woman came across this race during a walk Camp Mountain, Brisbane. The moth was spotted on a stick, and despite its size, it may go unnoticed due to its natural camouflage with the color of the branch.

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When in doubt as to what kind of moth this was, he uploaded this photo to the group Amateur Entomology Australia, Users reached a consensus It may be a large tree moth (endoxyla cinereu), Native to measurable Oceania Up to 15 cm long and 25 wide.

Finally, after this particular discovery, Pam decided to return to the place where he saw the moth and saw another surprise. And, as he noted, he was fair Mating With its another insect.

“She seems to be busy”The woman made fun of the post.

Posted by Pam Taylor Tuesday, February 23, 2021