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It is difficult for Zelensky: – He must pay for his mistakes

It is difficult for Zelensky: – He must pay for his mistakes

Kiev Mayor and former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko said Zelensky is paying the price for his mistakes. 20 minutes.

In two recent interviews with the Swiss newspaper and the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Klitschko strongly criticized President Volodymyr Zelensky’s handling of the war in Ukraine.

According to the report, Zelensky’s popularity has declined since the beginning of the war Telegraph. Likewise, more than 60% of Ukrainians still view the president favorably.

Visible divisions

It has been almost two years since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine Political divisions are becoming more evident in Kyiv.

Chief of the Defense Staff Valery Zalozhny recently stated that the war is firmly on Ukraine’s side. This was met with sharp opposition from President Zelensky, who warned him and other generals against getting involved in political matters.

Reverse 20 minutes Klitschko defends him, describing Zelensky’s criticism of him as unfair.

– He told the truth. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth,” Klitschko says.

The use of booby traps is widespread on both sides in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Reporter: Edward Steinlund. Video: Telegram / @Dnepro_Rub
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Must be reviewed

In the interview, Zelensky was particularly criticized for dismissing warnings that an invasion would happen, just days before it happened.

– Many of us are asking questions about why we are not better prepared for this war. Why did Zelensky deny it happened, until it happened? How did the Russians manage to reach Kiev so quickly, Klitschko tells 20 Minutes.

He claims that much of the information provided does not reflect reality.

– The president has an important job now, and we must support him until the end of the war. But when the war is over, all politicians must pay the price for success and defeat, Klitschko says.

Fears of a new wave of attacks from Russia

– unwise

The newspaper asked the former boxing legend whether he himself aspires to become President of Ukraine.

He says: It would not be wise for me to talk about my political ambitions now 20 minutesHe explains:

-We are fighting for the country’s freedom and independence. Meanwhile, there is trench warfare among our politicians, while our country is in danger of being wiped out. It would be very stupid, he tells 20 Minutes.

Warning: - You may receive bad news

Warning: – You may receive bad news

Difficult relationship

Klitschko always had a tense relationship with the president. However, the two tried to put aside their differences during the war.

Comparison with Bakhmut: Russia is paying a bloody price for its attempt to seize the city of Avdiivka. Video: Telegram/X. Reporter: Vegard Kruger.
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In June last year, the conflict broke out again, coinciding with Russian attacks against civilian targets in Kiev. At the time, Mayor Klitschko blamed government officials in the Kiev district administration, who he noted were appointed by Zelensky himself.

At about the same time Ukrainian media speculated Whether Zelenskiy’s administration considered trying to oust Klitschko remains to be seen.

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