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It is now possible to import WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android 12

It is now possible to import WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android 12

After a few months of waiting, Google announce That the function of migrating WhatsApp chat history from iPhones to Android is now finally available on Pixel Phones and that it “will be available on new smartphones released with Android 12”. The rumors about the possibility of importing data started a few months ago and everything became possible with Samsung which started to be the only brand that allowed Whatsapp information to pass from iOS to these smartphones.

Now Android has this feature, thus, the life of people who have this system and who want to change from iOS to Android has become easier. Android users will keep their chat history on the social network when changing the operating system, that is, it will not be a hindrance not to choose the change.

The process is relatively simple, but the user must have the updated WhatsApp application on his iPhone and Android smartphone, and have a USB-C cable to connect the two devices.

With the new version of Whatsapp, it is only necessary for the iPhone to read the QR code and start the migration, allowing the user to retrieve the conversations, photos, documents and any other available information.

When the smartphone does the import, it will stop receiving new messages, but they will be saved so that, once the process is finished, the user can receive them without losing any information. Google also announces that the transmission of information will be done quickly.

Currently, Google has announced that this new feature will be a part of all future Android 12 smartphones, as well as all Pixel smartphones. And so Google achieves another important partnership, this time with Whatsapp, one of the chatting platforms in use today.

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