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Google Play Store Android Windows 11 Microsoft

It is now possible to run the Android Google Play Store on Windows 11

Microsoft is betting on new systems integration with Windows 11. With Linux already in place since the previous version, now it’s Android’s turn to get its chance, and bring its apps with it.

This unique moment has arrived in the meantime, and this novelty has opened up to some users. Now that it’s available, some new features are starting to appear. The biggest one is that they have already managed to run the Google Play Store on Windows 11.

Microsoft intends to maintain strict control over its Android implementation within Windows 11. It wants to prevent this system from being a gateway to new problems on your system, thus trying to keep it on hold.

And to prove it, it has limited access to one app store, which is not even the most popular one. The choice fell on the Amazon store, which will go directly to your new system, transparent, straightforward, and ready to use.

Google Play Store Android Windows 11 Microsoft

Of course, as soon as it was announced, the race started to get more out of this Windows 11 subsystem. They wanted to explore and understand how they could make more use of Android that Microsoft had included in its new platform.

One of the first to achieve this opened the door to something they wanted so much, even before the launch of the WSA. The Google Store was almost a must, although Microsoft didn't want to include it. This has now been achieved and Windows 11 is now able to run the Google Play Store on Android.

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At the moment, as can be seen from the video above, this is not a simple and accessible process for everyone. Of course it will be improved, and soon, installing the Android Google Play Store on Windows 11 will be as simple as clicking on an executable file or running some commands on the system.

Anyone who wants to test this new feature can follow Instructions on GithubNot yet available to everyone. It is a big change and will definitely open access to many more applications.