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It is official!  Ferrari will have an all-electric car in 2025

It is official! Ferrari will have an all-electric car in 2025

Two years ago, Ferrari’s CEO said at the time that the brand would eventually have to take a step towards electric cars, in order to keep up with the desires of the market. This time mark is officially set in 2025, when Ferrari is expected to release its first all-electric vehicle.

In addition, there will be three new models on the market at the end of this year.

"It will be everything you dreamed of."

In 2019, the then CEO of Ferrari, Louis Camilleri, He said Ferrari would launch Electric prototype, but with an extended schedule, only after 2025. Now, interim CEO, John Elkan announced, At the annual shareholder meetingIn 2025, the brand will reveal its long-awaited electric vehicle.

What's more, it will launch, by the end of this year, three new models.

Although the euphoria for electricity in 2019 did not hinder this method, the interim CEO was extremely enthusiastic.

You can be sure that this will be all that Maranello engineers and designers dreamed of being a milestone in our history.

Despite the enthusiasm, Alkan stressed that the goal is very clear and that the electrification strategy is being implemented "in a very disciplined manner". Indeed, one of the steps taken in this direction has been SF90 StreetFerrari's first plug-in hybrid electric car.

Ferrari electric car only in 2025, but 3 new models are on the way

Only this is known about the future electric car from Ferrari: it will be revealed in 2025.

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However, the company is busy setting up a trilogy. After all, by the end of 2021, three new models of the brand will be launched. Since the brand is known for its meticulous engineering and design, we can expect three real machines.

Additionally, Ferrari is also looking for a new CEO who will undoubtedly have a lot to do when he enters service.

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