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It is said that 260,000 men left

It is said that 260,000 men left

On Sunday, Novaja Gazeta’s European online edition quoted a source in the president’s administration as saying that the estimate came from the FSB intelligence service.

However, the source doubts the correctness of the estimate and notes that the Federal Security Service’s border service “does not work so quickly.”

However, the source believes that “the security forces and the Ministry of Defense will succeed in convincing President Putin to close Russia’s borders before it is too late.”

Traffic increase

Earlier on Sunday, other Russian media quoted anonymous sources as saying that the Russian authorities would close the borders to men of working age during the next week.

The mobilization ordered last Wednesday includes, according to the Russian authorities, 300,000 reservists. Traffic has been reported to increase across Russia’s borders to countries such as Finland, Georgia and Kazakhstan since then.

Putin spoke: Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the population on Wednesday, September 21st. Commentator Dagsbladet summarizes the speech. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Novaja Gazeta’s license to publish online has been revoked following a ruling by the Russian Supreme Court on September 15. The newspaper has already lost its printing license.

The Novaga Gazeta received critical coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Nothing above Storskog

No Russians crossed the border into Norway via Storskog on Sunday, according to police in Finnmark.

Several Russians who want to go to Norway in recent days, via social media and the messaging service Telegram, wrote about the prospects of arriving in Norway via Storskog. NRK.

Police in Finnmark told the state channel that no Russians came across this border station on Sunday.

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Thursday can TV 2 By saying that no increase in traffic from Russia was recorded at the border station, as the Finns did after Russia introduced partial mobilization on Wednesday.