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António Carvalho dá estouro em Bernardo Sousa: "Soa um bocadinho aqui a falso"

It looks a bit fake here.

Antonio Carvalho criticizes Bernardo Sousa: “It sounds a bit false here,” the excuse offered for suspending the logo creation competition.

Bernardo Sousa started by creating a competition to create a logo for a commerce line. However, the rules of this contest require the full transfer of copyright.

Antonio Carvalho denounced the situation on social media.

Yesterday, Bernardo revealed that the competition is off.

It is off. First because we had all this arguing and we ended up pausing it. A portion of our income will be donated to a charity for a foundation in Madeira, but it was on pause so there would be no controversy and people would say I stole the money.“, He said.

Antonio Carvalho has already responded to this “pause”.

Bernardo, after talking about that competition he was doing, to get free creativity to make shirts and hats during the season, said that it wasn’t me, he came to say he suspended the competition. He came to explain that it was a disgrace, because the profits of the T-shirts and hats were even for a charity, here in Madeira.He started by saying.

I have come to say, ‘Oh Bernardo, if the shirts and hats are in fact to help an association in Madeira, to do charitable work, I think they are very good, but the boy forgot to write in the contest rules that the end was actually ‘which’“, he added.

What he says in his video is that it was due to be sold during the season, and at no time did he say that it was to help people, because if he had done that at first there would not have been any controversy but rather he would have raised applause and congratulations, because it was a noble act‘, she continued.

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Seems a bit fake here, doesn’t it? “Asked.

“I think that part was missing from the competition rules. Something has been said here, but after a month it seems a bit fishy to me, Bernardo.‘, he finished.