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"It made me look like a woman who lacked an s**t"

“It made me look like a woman who lacked an s**t”

On Wednesday, May 18, Laura Quintas was on SIC’s “Casa Feliz” program, talking to Diana Chaves and João Baião. The former Married At First Sight competitor was on hand to talk about the experience she was in which she left “with her back upside down” with partner Luis Franco.

Laura Quintas began by saying that what prompted her to join this program was “adventure” and also, of course, the possibility of finding love, admitting that her authenticity was “not well respected” in the eyes of society.

Loures’ competitor later competed around reactions She expressed from the public, through social networking sites, her grief over the fact that no one noticed her.

“No one understood me. Lewis managed to make me look like a woman who lacked sex, with no self-respect. I’ve been getting messages with pictures of penises because what I wanted was sex and that to me is very dirty because what happened is I came into an adventure with a head and a torso and limbs and it didn’t come Lewis the same way.”She said.

“There was no lack of respect in the house”

Laura Quintas later highlighted that what she learned from the experience is to love oneself: “I feel like a more beautiful woman today, I wake up in the morning and say ‘I’m really cute’. Now I believe in myself. Before that, I had 20 people say I’m beautiful and one of them said ‘You’re ugly’ and I believe in that (…)”He confessed.

“The only thing I would change is this aggression that I get rid of when I want to show that the person next to me is not okay with me, but apart from that, it will not change anything, I will do everything the same way over and over again.”he added.

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Finally, Laura Quintas states that her heart is still “available for love”: “I want a man who wants to be with me and enjoy being with me”confirmed.

Watch the moment here.