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IT training to develop internal teams – HR

IT training to develop internal teams – HR

With digital transformation, new business jobs have emerged, which presents difficulties for companies in hiring in certain technological fields.

In this context, the Rumos training academies have become a valuable solution, as they make it possible to harness the potential of the team and qualify employees to play a new role in the organization.

In the study Romos conducted in 2022, he concluded, the companies surveyed projected that within three years, they would need to hire qualified professionals for jobs primarily related to development, data, infrastructure and security. Training must therefore follow the trends of this new reality, allowing greater ability to improve tasks, and even adapt to new jobs.

The ROMOSS Academies are full-fledged, knowledge-focused programs of study in different IT training areas – such as development and automation, security and privacy, networks and systems, and data – designed keeping in mind the demand reflected by organizations in the job opportunities they offer, complementing them with relevant technical certifications. , which makes the trainee’s knowledge proven and recognized at the national and global level.

These academies consist of two or three parts, which correspond to different levels of knowledge, starting from the beginner level, through the intermediate level to the advanced level. So the professional can choose to carry out the academy as a whole, or he can choose to do each part separately, according to his level of knowledge and his goals. When starting your academy, starting from the first part, only computer skills are required from a user perspective, knowledge of English, important for reading and understanding study materials, motivation and commitment. Thus, in the case of a beginner level, these courses are aimed at all types of people, without any restrictions or requirements for additional knowledge or basic training.

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An ideal solution for companies that need to move towards reskilling their people, with a skill set that responds to real business challenges.

Although there is already a defined educational structure, these academies are still 100% adaptable to what the company wants, from the field of training and the method (face-to-face, face-to-face training or e-learning) to the workload. Thus, academies allow the development of an in-house team with specific skills in a particular field or technology. In the end, it is the labor market itself and the employees who win, as Portuguese workers are increasingly able to meet the current and future needs of enterprises, helping them to increase productivity and improve their results.

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