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Rogério Samora

“It was a day to talk to the doctors”

Ruggiero Samora has been struggling to survive in Amadora-Sintra Hospital for exactly three weeks, after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest while taping the TV series “Amour Amour”, on July 20.

This Tuesday, August 3, marks three weeks since Ruggiero Samora was admitted to Amadora-Sintra Hospital, after suffering a cardiac arrest while recording SIC’s opera “Amour Amour” on July 20.

The actor continues to fight for life and has been in intensive care ever since. A family member told Nova Gente that “Today [segunda-feira]It was a day to visit and talk to the doctors. The situation remains stable and with expectations booked.”.

According to what the magazine found MariaRogerio Samora “stable”. “We are still talking to the hospital today and the news is the same as yesterday and the day before. He is still stable and in a coma”, tells the source for this post. Another source reveals that the situation in which the actor finds himself can do it spanning days, weeks, or months.

the news that Ruggiero Samura had suffered from cardiac arrest, which was presented by the Center for Special Investigations in a statement Sent to the newsrooms: “SIC and SP Television are following the situation and all of their colleagues and staff are hoping for quick improvements from Rogério Samora.”

From a reference to that SIC has decided to replace the actor in the TV series Amor Amor And soon it will appear baby, the cousin of the character Rogerio, who will be played by Miguel Guilherme.

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