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"It was a romantic dinner for 3..."

“It was a romantic dinner for 3…”

Jéssica Nogueira and Pedro Alves had a sweet romance in “Big Brother 2020,” but the relationship was short-lived outside of Ericeira’s house. In “Duplo Impacto,” the businesswoman falls in love with Gonçalo Quinaz, with whom she recently broke up, and even enlists the help of Pedro Alves in the turbulent end of her relationship with the ex-footballer.

The rapprochement of the former couple was captured on Saturday during a dinner in Penafiel, the hometown of the former BB2020 competitor. “Jessica Nogueira was seen yesterday in Porto with Pedro Alves and another person (we don’t know who she is) at the Dantes Restaurant in Penafiel”, It can be read on Gofoquei’s Instagram page.

In the comments box, fans were photographed: “Friends can no longer eat in peace, this is a violation of privacy. Who tells you they are? And maybe they met by chance”, or “Dantes is a good restaurant. They have good taste. Enjoy your meal 😍”, are just a few examples.

Jessica Nogueira responded to the news and shot: Is dinner with friends illegal? Lots of people do that, did you forget? Or is it just me now? It was a romantic dinner for 3… 🙆🏽‍♀️ Save me”can be read.

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