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"It was a step forward..."

“It was a step forward…”

Bruna Gomez was one of the biggest surprises among the rival group of Big Brother Famosos, the version in which Bernardo Sousa fell in love and the two began their story in the most watched house in the country.

Contrary to expectations, the relationship broke off as the influencer entered the “ultimate challenge” to live an experience that wasn’t always the easiest. The loss of a boyfriend was a constant, and in that sense, Bruna Gomez spoke to Antonio Bravo about the beginning of her relationship with the pilot.

I felt insecure the first time and wouldn’t say I didn’t quite feel, I still feel it, because of it: sometimes it’s the weight of things, that when I started to be with Bernardo, he started a roll, but he was always one step ahead, because he was looking at me Already with different eyes, I did not notice“, He confessed.

When we started dating he was one step ahead and I always made it clear, I was like “Guys, people should think I’m an idiot”. He’s super cute, sweetheart, but I always made it clear to him before we even started dating. Then the phrase “Oh my God, I’m feeling sick because I felt insecure about the way I was seeing it” appeared. The culture is different, things are different. I did what I was feeling and so did he, but I guess that could have been a bad point for me too.‘, assuming Bruna Gomez, and thus acknowledging the fear and insecurity of misinterpreting the way her relationship with Bernardo Sousa began.

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