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"It was a very special day..."

“It was a very special day…”

On August 15, 2021, Andrea Felipe and Ricardo Fernandez were first parents to little Rodrigo. Since then, the couple has shared several photographs and bangs on social media.

Andrea Phillippe is a “drooling” mom who doesn’t hide it from anyone. On Friday, August 19, the former Big Brother competitor used her personal Instagram account to share a set of photos of her next to little Rodrigo during a trip to a mall in the Algarve.

The former Big Brother contestant ended up revealing that this was a very special day as her son started walking: “What a good afternoon! For Rodrygo, it was a very special day, as in addition to riding a carousel for the first time, he also rode solo for the first time! 👏🏼👏🏼 Small steps from side to side, with a wide smile … Of course, at home, in his comfort zone, he had already done so, but outside the house it was the first time! “, I started writing.

“The most amazing thing was that he was beaming with all the excitement around him. My dad and I always had our eyes wide open of course 🥰 but it was really nice, actually it was the central plaza of Tweet embed Very inviting for fun family moments, it is a perfect place for this summer, with very attractive Instagram spots. We really enjoyed it, how about you? “Been completed.

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