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"It was an enormous beast what they did to me."

“It was an enormous beast what they did to me.”

FOn Monday, April 26, Atima Flegeras was speaking to Manuel Louis Josha and one of the topics the presenter addressed was corruption accusations that the former mayor was a victim of, that was in 2003.

It was one of the chapters of an enormous brutal life that they did with me and me. Colossal brutality, of falsehood, today we can even see that it would be helpful to focus things there to that woman who was present and could see, who did a lot of work, and who was always in the spotlight because she was working so hard, “ Mint.

“I have the scar, but I closed it, and it healed completely. And it is closed [a dor] In a seven-key safe, I don’t like to talk about it at all. I am sorry that it was a period of suffering, but we also learned one thing: The Quairas, for the sake of truth and for the sake of justice, go in search of energies where they think they do not have them and fight to the end, ”he continues.

It is reported that the court acquitted the interviewee of the relationship in 2012.

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