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“It was another punch in the face”: Coach Miguel Oliveira and the Portuguese’s absence from Argentina – MotoGP

“It was another punch in the face”: Coach Miguel Oliveira and the Portuguese’s absence from Argentina – MotoGP

This week’s guest on the MotoGP podcast, Now ‘Calmer’, team principal Miguel Oliveira revisits how he felt on Monday, when he learned the Portuguese rider would not be able to race in the Argentine Grand Prix, due to the injuries he had sustained. Portimao after the incident with Marc Marquez. “After the news we had, at the time we were going to go to Lisbon, then go to Buenos Aires… Paolo called me and said that Miguel had been declared unfit after the exam, and that the injury was very harmful. In his face, another disappointment, Another moment of frustration. We feel sorry for Miguel, because when we watch the reboot we realize it was a huge shock,” recalls Razlan Razali, Founder and President of Cryptodata RNF. After the news of Miguel Oliveira’s absence, the Malaysian national team made a very strong statement which Razlan Razali justified that something had to change. “We had to make this announcement because this kind of irresponsible driving has to be taken very seriously. We have spoken to the FIA ​​and I hope there will be a more proactive attitude on the part of the stewards, to sit down with everyone and try to do what they want. It was necessary to discuss the situation. It can’t go on like this. In the modern era of MotoGP, with faster bikes, tracks are the same, riders are faster, crazier… Sit down and discuss things to improve, be transparent, talk to everyone and don’t have these secret meetings.” .

The Malaysian also took the opportunity, in a way, to question Honda’s choice to challenge the change in penalty, even though he considered the Japanese to be within their rights. “The stewards’ actions on Sunday speak for themselves. This should have been handled differently. We have data from other moments in the past. For Honda and Marquez, what matters is looking at the words. They have every right to appeal. But now we are going to Appeal process.. When will this end? This will not improve anything or change the situation. After this, what will happen?

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The solution for Razali is simple: “We have to sit down and talk. Face this, not just sweep it under the rug and hope it happens again.”

I was just hoping for a podium…for every one

In the same conversation, Razlán Razali was naturally satisfied with the progress shown by Miguel Oliveira in the Portuguese Grand Prix (while he continued…), admitting that before the season started, the team’s goal was to get at least two riders on board. To get the podium in the season. “It was the least we wanted. It was our goal and it was our best chance at the Grand Prix for Miguel Oliveira. It was the best chance. We were excited, the fans too. All good and then…baaam! On the third lap…”.