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"It was horrible, I can't describe it any other way."

“It was horrible, I can’t describe it any other way.”

Joao Lamosa was, on the afternoon of Monday December 6, on the “Jocha” program, talking to Manuel Luis Jocha. The technical director, who is fighting testicular cancer and has already undergone surgery and a course of chemotherapy, talked about the past few months, expressing his gratitude to the underwriters.

Joao Lamosa remembers the diagnosis and this whole journey and revealed that the worst part was the chemotherapy, which he called “terrible”. “The chemo was horrible, I can’t describe it any other way”he began to admit it, explaining that he still could not talk about this process on his social networks, where he had been involved so much in the past few months.

“I’m trying to find a less bad way to refer to chemotherapy (…). I did a course of chemotherapy (…) I felt everything people say chemotherapy can be like (…) I couldn’t eat, I didn’t I could walk, I was very weak, I got a throat infection, the emotional and psychological part (…). On the fourth day, the smell of my body, the smell of the chemical, the urine, … For me, it was very difficult, and it was terrible” .

Joao Lamosa, who finished a course of chemotherapy about two weeks ago, recently revealed that he is now under “tight surveillance”: “I feel good (…) Now let’s see his behavior in the next 3 months (…) and follow him every 3 months during the first year.”

Watch the moment here.