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“It was normal to be red and burning.”

“It was normal to be red and burning.”

The operation took four months, and during that time the tumor grew again, becoming larger than it was before the surgery. I felt bad, but in the end it all worked out. I started treatment in March 2018, taking four tablets a day and every 15 days I undergo intravenous immunotherapy in hospital.

The initial response was very rapid, the tumor size decreased significantly within two days, but I experienced several side effects until they adjusted the dose. One of them was joint pain, I felt severe pain when sitting and getting up. I also experienced a change in taste — the water tasted sweet — as well as mouth ulcers, eye inflammation, and drug-induced pneumonia.

After an adaptation period and dose adjustment, I currently only feel a little tired the day after immunotherapy, but overall I feel good, I can work, exercise and have a normal life.

Before entering the clinical study, I froze my semen because my doctor explained to me that the medications could affect my fertility. During treatment, my wife and I underwent infertility in the laboratory.

Pregnancy, Marcela's unconditional support and the dream of becoming a father were what strengthened me the most to fight cancer. I needed to survive, so I could hold my son, João Gabriel, in my arms, play and take care of him. Moreover, I am a person of faith, I kept myself composed and did not allow myself to get discouraged.

Guilherme with his wife and son Photo: personal archive

My condition is stable, and I continue to undergo treatment and take all precautions regarding the sun. I avoid exposing myself to the sun for a long time, and apply sunscreen twice a day even on cloudy days.

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