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It was probably published by Google Translator.  Alone

It was probably published by Google Translator. Alone

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has criticized the so-called “Lex TVN” and the post-war property restructuring amendment. He posted a post on Twitter about the matter. As the American politician argues, “the United States is very concerned about changes in Polish law.” “President Tuda should not sign the bill or, in accordance with his powers, mention the bill in the Polish Constitutional Tribunal,” Blinken wrote in a statement. As he added, a comprehensive law is needed to pursue post-war demands.

This is the process of editing the Administrative Procedure Code. According to the rules adopted during Sezmin’s last session, it is not possible to challenge the decision 30 years after the executive decision was issued. Apart from the United States, Israel has also criticized the legal system. This was, among other things, to reclaim Jewish property lost after World War II.

Patrick Jackie responds

Patrick Jackie, PiS MEP, decided to respond to Blingen’s entry. However, internet users are focusing on his broken English. Who decided that the Communist authorities were established in Poland? Do you remember the Polish award for being the most loyal ally of the United States and the United Kingdom? Do you remember who asked the United States to help in the Holocaust when you could really help? “- he wrote.” Also, how can these “shared values” be recognized by the US Nort Stream 2? – Added.


“It’s good to write in Polish (even your lame Polish language) what you want to answer him. Don’t say we asked for help in the Holocaust,” one of the commentators replied to Zakim. Although probably what he said, he wrote something completely different.

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“I think it was written by a Google translator.” Sam ”- another Internet user jokes. “When you write to Americans, I recommend doing it in English,” says another.

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