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"It was the first time that Ronaldo was happy to leave."

“It was the first time that Ronaldo was happy to leave.”

a This Saturday, Juventus scored an important home victory against already champions Inter, and continues to fight for a place in the next group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Vecchia Senora, but was replaced by Andrea Pirlo in the second half, a choice the coach justified after the match.

“It was probably the first time he was happy to leave. We were playing with ten players and he had to run a lot and get tired to lock up so many spaces until the end of the match. Cristiano was happy to win the bandage. Room,” a coach told Sky Sports Italy.

“It was important to keep hope alive. The only goal we had was to win and we succeeded, and now we expect a mistake from others,” Pirlo said in his analysis of what happened at the meeting.

“We should have had the same determination and readiness to fight for all the balls during the season. If we had that, we wouldn’t have been fighting for a place in the top four. We made so many mistakes in matches that seemed easy in theory. They shouldn’t be.” I lose a lot of points, but this is a good team. We have room for improvement, and there is a good basis for a good job. “

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