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“It was the worst match since I was at Atletico Madrid.”

“It was the worst match since I was at Atletico Madrid.”

Hey Valencia achieved, late Saturday afternoon, one of the most unexpected results in the fourth round of the Spanish League so far, when it received and defeated Atletico Madrid, at the Mestalla stadium, with a score of 3-0.

In the press conference following the final whistle, Colchonero coach Diego Simeone made it clear that he did not like what he saw: “The worst thing is that the opponent was better than us. I have to do it.” “I congratulate him, because there’s not much to say.”

“What everyone saw was that Valencia were far superior. We couldn’t play the game we wanted to play. It was probably the weakest game of my time at the club. Valencia knew how not to let us get ahead, counter-attacked well and hurt us.,” He said.

He added, “I know the players, the group, and the locker room, but we have to accept when the team plays a bad match. Acceptance is the best way to grow, knowing that we have a great team.” In statements reported by the Spanish newspaper to.

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