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-It was very close

-It was very close

On the right side of this fence 67 year old doctor and lieutenant colonel Michael Mosley was found dead. Photo: Panormitis Chatzigiannakis/AP/NTB

TV doctor Michael Mosley was just meters away from help when he likely lost consciousness.

Initial investigations indicate that he had been dead for several days when he was found on the Greek island of Symi. The theory that he died of heatstroke or exhaustion has been strengthened, as no external injuries were found.

He writes Greek ERT News On the death of Michael Mosley. The body was sent for autopsy to the neighboring island of Rhodes.

Michael Mosley (67)
Michael Mosley (67)

He was found dead on Sunday morning near a fence near Agia Marina Beach Resort. He had then been missing since he left his wife and two friends at Agia Nikolaos beach on Wednesday.

The dark area of ​​the peninsula at the top of the map below is the area where the 67-year-old should have been searched.

The 67-year-old left the beach at 1.30pm to return to his holiday home in Gialos. The ride should take about an hour to go. He can also walk a certain distance and take the bus.

Five days later he was found when a photographer spotted him through the lens – see here:

An error must have occurred

He was found near the fence of a resort in Agia Marina, in the opposite direction of where he said he was headed.

According to police, the plan was for Mosley to take a bus from Peddie to the town of Simi, and the apartment where they were staying, because he had forgotten his mobile phone.

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Everything indicates that Moseley followed the solid line in the map below to the end of Port Pede.

It was filmed three times by CCTV, at 1.45pm, 1.52pm and 2.00pm. The dashed path shows where he should have taken the road to get to Symi Town more easily.

According to Greek police sources Proto theme It is a leading theory that Mosley made a mistake when he left Bede. He went right towards Agia Marina, instead of left towards Gialos.

His wife, Claire Bailey, said in a statement: “It is heartbreaking to lose Michael.”

She says he managed an incredible climb, before making a mistake and collapsing in a difficult-to-find place.

“We take comfort in the fact that he was so close to making it happen,” she says.

Mosley was filmed on the surveillance camera of a beach restaurant in Pidi, carrying an umbrella to protect from the strong sun rays:

The temperature on the Greek island was just below 40 degrees when he disappeared, and a heat warning was issued.

Mosley is a well-known doctor and television personality, who worked for the BBC for many years. He is known as the much talked about 5:2 diet guru. He has also been a columnist for VG.

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An extensive search operation

The search for Mosley has been described as arduous due to the terrain the Briton is believed to have been moving through, as well as the extreme heat.

Volunteers, including Mosley's four children, also joined the search on the Greek island.

The island is characterized by rugged terrain in places, and a police officer is said to have broken his leg when he jumped from a wall to a rock next to where Mosley was found.