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“It was Zé Lopez who finished the title.”

“It was Zé Lopez who finished the title.”

Lily Cañicas is outside of the program “Em Família” (TVI), where she was a commentator in a section dedicated to celebrity news, alongside Susana Pinto and Antonio Bravo.

On the sidelines of ModaLisboa magazine, the social star spoke to the magazine New people On this topic: “It was a program that I loved doing mainly because it had Rubén Roa and María Cerqueira Gómez, two people I love passionately. I was on hold, but in the meantime, since I had been absent four times in a row, they finished the section… It was Zee Lopez, who is now the content director [do programa]which concluded the meeting address“.

I spoke to Christina the day of the party [de aniversário]And I think they chop, chop, chop. This is what Christina told me: They cut expenses as much as possible. Since I was getting paid well, I don't know if it will continue or not, but it's best to talk to someone who knows who Zee Lopez is“, he added.

However, Lily Kanikas will not stand idly by: “I'm actually making up the reason I want to work until I die because I love working. (…) Now I go to the podcast because I have a lot of invitations and after that, I will make the podcast myself“.

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