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“It will be a decisive day,” Dulce Guimarães said of Maria João Abreu

“It will be a decisive day,” Dulce Guimarães said of Maria João Abreu

DrUlus Guimarães has revealed new details about the health condition of Maria João Abreu, who is still in the García de Horta Hospital in Almada.

According to what she wrote on Sunday on Facebook, the artist will live a “decisive day” on Monday, May 10, and show herself alongside the artist at this delicate stage.

In a letter full of strength and affection, Dulce Guimarães began by writing:Tomorrow [10 de maio] It will be a crucial day for you, old friend. I want to have positive thinking, but knowledge doesn’t allow it. You must, as you have always done in other fights – albeit a lot easier – to gain strength from your strong side“.

Apparently, according to Dolce’s words, Maria João will be removed from the induced coma. “As soon as he starts pulling the drug that put you into a coma, go there, my friend, go to your stronger side, get down there, then go up, even if slowly and promises, come back hard, count everything, come back“, is over.

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It is reported that the artist entered the hospital on April 30, after feeling upset. According to João de Carvallo, Maria João was in the dressing room recording “A Serra,” a SIC TV series, when she “screamed” and was first helped by her colleague Jose Mata. She was eventually taken to hospital, after she suffered from an aneurysm.

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However, Jose Raposo noted that this is a “very complicated situation”, because at the moment he shares his children with Maria João, Ricardo and Miguel.

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In turn, the actress’ current buddy, Joao Soares, appeared on social networks, where she shared two affectionate photos of them with the woman.

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