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It will be less normal than we planned

It will be less normal than we planned

Omikron has been discovered in a number of countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Portugal.

The type of virus is likely to be more contagious, and experts are concerned about whether it reduces the effect of vaccines.

– We are assessing the additional risks we have received with the new virus variant, which the World Health Organization says has significant risks. We must make sure we do what we can to protect the population, says Guldvog.

It will affect daily life

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has made a new recommendation on measures to the government. It deals with updated travel procedures, advice on testing, infection tracing, isolation and quarantine. In addition, they considered what national measures we should take, Guldvog says.

We haven’t suggested a full shutdown, he says.

At the same time, it is believed that if the omicron is confirmed in Norway, it will have consequences.

– I think it will probably affect our daily lives. Guldvog says it will be less normal than the one we had planned.

He finds it difficult to predict exactly how much difference, but the Norwegian population has to rely on measures.

We imagine that some advice and recommendations, and perhaps some injunctions, should be necessary. But I’m not quite sure yet. Gulvdog says the next few weeks will provide answers and clarify the situation.

More national rule

One of the measures that must be taken into account is the extensive use of bandages.

– Then there is the trade-off that this should apply to the country or target some areas, says Guldvog.

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He is clear what he himself thinks, but indicates that the final decision rests with the government.

A new virus variant is pointing in the direction that face masks should not only apply to areas.

Throughout the fall, it was largely up to the municipalities to introduce local measures when needed. Overall, Guldvog believes that the new virus variant requires more national management.

– With a new virus variant, we believe it is necessary to raise the national contact, says the Director of Health.

– Bigger payload

The Norwegian Directorate of Health says that omicron is more contagious than the previous variants.

We know it’s more contagious, but we don’t know how much more dangerous it is for people to get infected. If it was more contagious and dangerous, it would be a greater burden on the health service in general, Guldvog says.

At best, the variant turns out to give less risk for the serious course.

– But we don’t have that knowledge yet.

The alternative has not yet been proven in Norway. All suspicious virus samples are sequenced.

We’ve also improved what we should do when we get the first case, and how we should track and control infection, says Guldvog.