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It will be possible for Telegram users to pay to disable ads

Telegram is one of the fastest growing messaging apps in recent months. This has taken advantage of competition issues and instability to attract more users who end up staying in the service.

However, unexpectedly Telegram ended up succumbing to something that was escaping. We are talking about the soon-to-be-reality ads of this service, which, after all, have some surprises. The most important and latest is that it will be possible for users to pay for deactivating it.

Changes in Telegram's philosophy

Although the possibility of advertising on Telegram was revealed, many did not expect it to become a reality. However, from what can be seen, this item will soon arrive on the Telegram channels.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis service is to guarantee funds so that they can continue to develop new features and improve the service. Even with this news, there is now a change that Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, announced in a message. It will be possible to pay for the absence of advertising in messages.

Several users have suggested introducing the ability to disable official ads on Telegram channels. Today we are announcing two more changes:

1. Users will be able to disable official ads.

We've already started working on this new feature and hope to release it later this month. It can be released in the form of a low-cost subscription, which will allow any user to directly financial support for the development of Telegram and never watch official advertisements on the channels.

2. Channel authors can turn off official ads in their channels for all users.

Some placement builders may also want to "turn off" ads on their placements for all users. We are currently calculating the economic conditions for this option. Soon, advertisers will be able to place an 'invisible' ad on any position that - assuming there is a sufficient cost-per-impression - that will not result in any ad on that position.

Ads can be controlled after all.

As can be seen from the above data, the Telegram team anticipates the possibility of creating a signature to prevent ads from being shown. This may also appear in other forms, but it has not yet been detected. The news is expected later this month.

In addition, it may also be possible for channel managers to have a way to limit the display of ads in these spaces. It's something that is still being evaluated and will soon be revealed by the Telegram team.

Users will be able to escape from these messages

These ads will only be present on the channels and will not be intrusive. They appeared in the form of messages that will be posted directly like any other response from the user. Telegram also guarantees that it will not use user data to create ad serving profiles.

Telegram is expected to provide news this month related to the announcement that it has decided to show on the channels. This was not a change expected by users, who are used to using this service for free, with all its security measures.

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