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– It will close all gaps – E24

– It will close all gaps – E24

Jens Stoltenberg says that NATO is fully aware that Russia is trying to circumvent the sanctions. The NATO chief says they are trying to take measures to make it more difficult for the Russians.

Follow-up: Jens Stoltenberg met the press in connection with the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Oslo.

European countries, along with the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Japan, exported goods to Russia’s neighboring countries for 8 billion euros more than normal growth and similar figures.

This is evidenced by a recent account by the analysis firm Corisk.

– We are well aware that Russia is trying to circumvent the sanctions, also by importing through other countries, says Stoltenberg.

He says NATO and the European Union are watching this closely.

We also try to implement measures that make this type of circumvention more difficult.

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Increase the export of drones

German newspaper Spiegel and the organization of journalists OCCRP He writes that trade statistics show a significant increase in imports of drones and microelectronics to Kazakhstan after Russia attacked Ukraine. At the same time, Kazakhstan’s exports of these goods to Russia have sharply increased.

According to the media, Kazakh companies, which were registered by the Russians after the war, are used as intermediaries for imports.

Sanctions worked, but Russia is clearly doing what it can to find other ways, other ways to get access to drone technology, for example, says Stoltenberg.

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– We are concerned that these countries will work as fully as possible, and therefore we are also concerned about filling all the loopholes in the sanctions regime.

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High risk

Companies are exposed to high risks when they trade with Russia’s neighboring countries. There is a high risk that the trade could actually happen with Russia, without it being visible, says country risk expert Erlend Pullman-Biortfet in Korisk, who is behind the accounts.

Bjørtvedt’s findings indicate that this clandestine trade was worth a billion kroner to Norway last year, after the invasion of Ukraine in February.

About 20 cases of violations of Ukraine’s regulations or the Export Control Act are under investigation or under investigation by the Police Security Service (PST). This number also includes closed cases.

Among them is the sale of Hongqi brand car. The case was reported by the Ministry of External Affairs, and is among several cases reported by the Ministry to PST.

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