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It will now be broadcast on June 17 and the program schedule has already been closed – Fora de Campo

It will now be broadcast on June 17 and the program schedule has already been closed – Fora de Campo

The new Now info channel will launch on June 17was unveiled this Tuesday by Medialivre Group CEO, Luis Santana, at a presentation event for media agencies and commercial partners. The program schedule has also been finalized.. “This channel, as it was said before, will be on the air very soon. It has been said that it will be during the first half of the year. Once that is said, it is said: The date has been set, and we will do it.” Launching the channel on June 17,” announced the director. “We know that we are facing a bold image, but we are confident in the path charted, which is safe from the point of view of the business that supports this challenge and, in particular, because of the different concept that characterizes the project,” explained Luis Santana in advance. That Medialivre “is a financially strong company, rational in its decision making and manages risks in a controlled manner” and therefore, “Now it is another step in a strategic plan based on developing new projects That adds value to the existing portfolio.”

The programming schedule of Medialivre's new telechannel – owner of Negócios, CM, CMTV, Record, Sábado, Máxima and Flash, among other titles – has also been closed, where the basic logic is “The right news at the right time”said managing editor Carlos Rodriguez.

He began by explaining, “Now it starts early in the morning, at a time when the Portuguese wake up and need a reliable journalistic project that provides them with information in the right proportions, accurately and seriously.”

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“We will have 15-minute segments in time so anyone leaving the house can catch all the relevant news from the morning. Basically, faster-paced, more creative and more beautiful news,” Carlos Rodriguez elaborated.

Then daily at 10:00 am A formula called “freedom of expression.”“, as the channel proposes to “accelerate reading of current affairs.”

Still in the morning, at 11 am, the space opens for International information, with the classic “Jornal do Mundo”.“And the Economic information with the business team“Now it's a TV business, it's important to say that. Negócios is part of the daily schedule and more than just a daily schedule, he will be one of the central figures in the backbone of this channel,” emphasized the Managing Editor.

Now offer

Carlos Rodriguez also said that “there will be no football program in prime time.” “Hey register It will help us in a new form, and Register on time, but it will be at lunchtime, at noon. “It will have a more comprehensive sporting agenda, with space for all the noble approaches that make up the national and international sporting panorama.”

“At one o'clock – because now will bring the national television market back in time – we will have it Two hours of great information every dayCarlos Rodriguez added, “And in the afternoon we opened the antenna to issues of justice,” in prominent and distinguished voices. “Justiça Agora is the name given to the format and it will be a success“, highlighted.

And in the afternoon there will be new dynamic information spaces, similar to what happens in the early morning, “without straw and without fuss”.

Then, at 8 p.m., “It will be done The main newspaper now, with journalists Pedro Mourinho and Eduarda Pérez“Two hours of great information at dinner time in a time competitive with public channels and CMTV,” said Carlos Rodriguez, adding that The goal is to quickly achieve leadership in the masses. “We will fight for leadership and we will win it as quickly as possible.”

According to Carlos Rodriguez, one of the information highlights of the new Medialivre channel will be “Form of senators“, where the heroes will have the stage Antonio Costa, Rui Rio, Fernando Medina, Graca Freitas, and Dr. Americo Aguiar“With author's programs.”

He stressed, “Now it will be a news channel, qualified opinion, and investigative journalism. These will be the three pillars of the channel that will go on air on June 17.”