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"It would be a terrible blow to science if it were a punishment for a crime of opinion."  Alexandre Guerrero responds to the suspension of the merger as a researcher at the Faculty of Law in Lisbon - Current Affairs

“It would be a terrible blow to science if it were a punishment for a crime of opinion.” Alexandre Guerrero responds to the suspension of the merger as a researcher at the Faculty of Law in Lisbon – Current Affairs

The news regarding Alexandre Guerrero’s nomination process for the Scientific Board at the Center for Public Law Research of the Faculty of Law (CIDP) of the University of Lisbon was announced on Friday, March 25, first by an article in Vision magazine and hours later, by Express.

The subject of controversy was the meeting of the Public Law Research Center of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, the body responsible for research in the field of public law in the fields of political science, constitutional law, administrative law, European law and international law, in that it was decided not to include the commentator on international politics, for the time being , at the place of the researcher to which he was invited.

The terminology with which the news was defined did not quite match. The sight He started by talking about “excluding” Alexandre Guerrero, and passCiting a conversation with the CIDP’s scientific coordinator, Carlos Blanco de Moraes, he said the nomination had been suspended “for further analysis”.

In reaction to the news, on Friday night, Alexandre Guerrero began by saying on your LinkedIn account Not being aware of the reported situation, expressing their disapproval of the way they are being treated by the media. “This is utter insanity by the media in a desperate attempt to publicly murder someone with rhetoric that does not fit the official narrative!”

This Saturday, Alexandre Guerrero released a new post, this time on his Twitter account, in which he claims that he has been “updated” about what happened at the Law School Public Law Research Center meeting, but no information is forthcoming. And about what happened, he only said, “As expected, I was not fired. Not even rejected.”

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In comments to SAPO24, Alexandre Guerrero said, “I had no idea that the meeting would take place, nor when the vote would be.” He said in response, “My membership was suspended because some scholars were against it. There are no official reasons, but it is strange to see a professor telling Vissau that he never heard me but voted against it. Shouldn’t he have refrained?” To ask about the information that was to be given to you about what happened.

The defensive positions of Russia in the current context of the invasion of Ukraine were mentioned as a possible reason for the decision to suspend the integration of Alexander Guerrero in the CIDP, but none of those present at the meeting officially confirmed this indication.

“I understand that there are still many people trying to understand how to run the fruit of the house which has a contradictory attitude to the majority of Western faith. It would be a shocking blow to science, after all, a punishment for a crime of opinion. Ascensaw once took a tough and aggressive stance against gay marriage. Everyone spoke out. at Lisbon Law School. Now would I be a problem? That would be dishonest,” he says.

Integration into the Public Law Research Center of the University of Lisbon Law School is not done by application, but by invitation, according to Alexandre Guerrero. “It was not me who made the proposal. It was not processed by application. I was invited after my PhD, then it was proposed and proposed with the support of some professors at home. Naturally, I am interested in joining a research center that does this not only mine alma mater Because she’s the only one in law with an excellent FCT score. We should catch a position to present ourselves abroad.”

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At the meeting that decided to suspend the merger of Alexander Guerrero, all other names invited to merge the center were unanimously approved.

The episode featured the audience’s debate on freedom of expression, with the commentator being criticized for his pro-Russian views, but in statements to Expresso, Carlos Blanco de Morris insisted that there was no crime of opinion at the university. .

Who is Alexandre Guerrero?

Alexander Guerrero has been an Intelligence Officer in the Strategic Information Service for Defense (SIED) for more than six years, having ceased his duties in 2014. Under the provisions of the Uninterrupted Service Number Act, all employees or agents with a management contract or an authorized director of SIED, acquire Security Information Services (SIS) or structures automatically shared permanently with the State, unless their functions cease to practice a profession in another entity or body, public or private.

In the case of Alexandre Guerrero, who had more than six years of service, he was relieved of his duties by Order 6141/2015, effective October 17, 2014.

And the link with the state continued, according to the provisions of the law, with the creation of a position in the same order in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in the category of high technician.

At the same time, he maintained an academic career, and in 2021 he submitted a doctoral thesis at the University of Lisbon Law School in which he defended the legality of the conquest of Crimea and its subsequent annexation by Russia in 2014, for which 17 is valued as an assessment score.

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His adherence to the Russian positions before the invasion of Ukraine, he even participated in a conference held by the University of the Russian Foreign Ministry to participate, as he claimed. on your social networks, “My Investigation of US and NATO Intervention in Ukraine”.

After the invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, he became a regular presence on television, namely on SIC Notícias, and his positions in the face of the invasion caused controversy due to the defense of Russia.