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"It would take with a complaint of a crime..."

“It would take with a complaint of a crime…”

On Friday, May 20, a video began to be posted on social media in which a woman could be seen and heard insulting another passenger.

Rita Pereira also shared the video and expressed her disgust with the ‘status’ of the other passengers: “How can no one do anything?!”.

“How can anyone stand up and make this lady understand that she is wrong, that she cannot say these things and that she has to calm down and that she will receive a crime complaint!!! They all sat quietly in their seats as if they were listening to the song “Girl from Ipanema”, typical of any Elevator or train…” – I continued.

As Rita Pereira condemned: “It’s not possible!!! Maybe this lady is having a bad day, something bad happened to her and everyone else, but this guy doesn’t have to go through this whole life just because he was born like the same sex!!!!!!!!!!”.

“We can’t be WOWHHH, super gay, bisexual and transgender people and witness it fearlessly and calmly. This is not pro-LGBT, this is on this lady’s side. Understand me?! Silence also makes you this lady!!!!!!!! !!!” – It’s over, obviously annoyed.

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