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ITA Airways may be partly in the hands of the Italian state railway company

ITA Airways may be partly in the hands of the Italian state railway company

The Italian government is looking into new possibilities for the sale of ITA Airlines, which may include Lufthansa and the national railway company Ferrovie dello Stato (FS). Information from the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Earlier this month, the government announced it would reopen negotiations with Lufthansa after inconclusive negotiations with a consortium formed by KLM Air France, Delta Air Lines and Certares.

Lufthansa said last week through a spokesperson that it was still interested in the takeover. The German group’s original partner, the shipping carrier MSC, has withdrawn from the negotiations.

With FS, the Italian government, along with Lufthansa, has a new candidate to take over the airline. Reuters news agency reported that government documents show that the government wants to sell 51 percent of ITA to Lufthansa worth 250 million euros, while 29 percent goes to Ferrovie dello Stato, while the rest remains in the hands of the state.

With the partial acquisition of ITA, FS can benefit from combining air and rail transportation. Especially since it already offers high-speed lines connecting the main cities of Italy, the Italian newspaper writes. Cooperation can facilitate shifting to both modes of transmission.

Having FS as a partner in an airline would not be new, as the state railway was also a shareholder in the bankrupt Alitalia. The difference here is that with Lufthansa in the package (if those plans are confirmed), it is the Germans who should have control and will determine the company’s move, which today is a loser.

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