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Ital opens the selection process for a master's course in Food Science and Technology

Ital opens the selection process for a master’s course in Food Science and Technology

The Agency for the Minister of Agriculture of São Paulo, based in Campinas, receives applications during the month of October

The Institute of Food Technology (Italy), located in Campinas-SP, is receiving applications from the 1st to the 31st of October for the selection process for the Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology – check the public notice. Associated with the Paulista Agribusiness Technology Agency (APTA) of the state Department of Agriculture and Supply, Ital is offering 12 places starting February 28, 2023.

Candidates must take an online written test on November 28, the list of people approved in this first phase will be known on December 5, when the times for the online individual interviews, scheduled for December 6 and 7, when there will also be Curriculum analysis. The final result will be announced on December 12th.

Rated 4 by the Coordination Assessment System for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (HEIs), the Master’s Degree in Ital encompasses many lines of research, from the development of packaging systems, to food preservation by thermal processes, micronutrients and inorganic contaminants in food , drying fruits and vegetables and their by-products to cocoa-derived products technology – learn more.

“Professors who have graduated from Ital have shown great satisfaction with the course we offer to continue their academic career and for the greater qualification to solve problems with the productive sector or science and technology institutions in the fields of food, beverage, ingredients and packaging” highlights Silvia Tvoni, Professor and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Italy, as well as Researcher at the Institute’s Center for Food Science and Quality (CCQA).

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from Italy

The Institute of Food Technology (Italy), located in Campinas / SP, is a leading institution in the field of applied research in Latin America. Italia plays a central role in innovation in the food sector, conducting research, development and specialized technology services in the areas of food, beverages, ingredients, processing and packaging.

Founded in 1963 as a leading food technology enterprise in Brazil, Ital is one of the research institutes of the Paulista Agribusiness Technology Agency (Apta), affiliated with the Minister of Agriculture and Supply of the State of São Paulo.

The Institute currently brings together technology centers specializing in meat and dairy products, cereals, chocolate, confectionery and bakery, fruits and vegetables, vegetable proteins and packaging. Research, development and innovation activities are supported by reference laboratories in microbiology, chemistry, and physical and sensory analysis. Strategic innovation alliances and projects are guided by the Ital Technology Innovation Platform (PITec).