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Protest against government's "Green Pass" plan in Rome

Italy considers vaccination compulsory for all adults – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

This article is over a month old and may contain old advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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Italy has been plagued by vaccine resistance this summer. After the government introduced the Corona “il GreenPass” passport, the criticism drew criticism. The protesters marched. Politicians received death threats.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi now says he is considering making a coronary artery vaccine mandatory for all adults.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi gives a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Rome on Thursday.

Photo: Fabio Frustaci / AP

Vaccination will speed up

Likes Neighbors in France Italians must come out with their Corona certificate to enter cafes, restaurants, museums and a number of other public places.

It further motivated the decision, but it is clearly not enough.

At a press conference on Thursday, Prime Minister Draghi said Italy could make the vaccine mandatory for all adults – if the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave its approval.

In Norway it has A girl Hui said earlier The suspicion of a vaccine is so low that coercion is never appropriate.

61 percent of Italians now have full vaccinations, and 71 percent have taken at least one dose, but the pace of vaccination has slowed since the beginning of August, according to figures from Our world in data.

The minister threatened to kill

The news from Draghi has already angered opponents of the vaccine, who are already dissatisfied. Investigators have begun an investigation A group chat on Telegram, where the death threats to Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio were welcomed.

APTOPIX Italy Politics

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio of the former Five Star Movement was skeptical about vaccines.

Photo: Andrew Medichini/AP

“Another rat must be culled,” “We need leadership,” and “You need to die” are some of the messages sent in the group.

Many members may feel betrayed by Di Maio and his party, the Five Star Movement. Until the occurrence of the epidemic, the party promoted a vaccine will.

Now the tube has a different sound.

protest against the government "green pass" plan in Rome

Vaccine protesters in Rome express their dissatisfaction with the country’s Corona certification scheme, August 14 this year.

Photo: Remo Caselli/Reuters

The question that imposes itself on him

So far, only three countries have introduced mandatory vaccination: Indonesia, the Pacific nation of Micronesia, and Turkmenistan – plus the independent French island of New Caledonia.

Vaccination in Indonesia

A woman is being vaccinated in Indonesia’s remote province of Banda Aceh, where vaccination is now mandatory for all adults.

Photo: Shadir Mohieldin/AFP

But the debate about compulsory vaccination is becoming more important in countries with a high vaccination score.

In the US, many companies, including McDonald’s and Facebook, have made it mandatory for employees to get vaccinated if they want to return to work. President Joe Biden has asked states to pay people to get the vaccine, and he introduced rules that make it harder for government employees to avoid a sting.

In France, the United Kingdom, and Greece, the vaccine is mandatory for most healthcare professionals.

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