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Italy: Dream introduction to Italy, update the highlights of the competition

Turkey-Italy. Italy beat Turkey 3-1 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on June 11, 2021, their first victory in Euro 2021. Here’s what to remember from the competition.

Turkey score


0: 3 Demirel, Mary 53 ‘- ItalyBuilding, Ciro 66 ‘- ItalyInsignia, Lorenzo 79 ‘- Italy

Score Italy


Turkey – Italy Live

23:20 – Spinozola is named Man of the Match for Italy

He is known as the first man in the competition of Euro 2021, not even the three Italian strikers Insignia, Immobile or Ferrari. A.S. Roma’s Italian left-hander Leonardo Spinassola, who played “tonight” at his “Olympic Stadium” and was the author of an excellent match on the left, defensively and offensively.

23:15 – Italy-Immobile: “We fought early”

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile, who wrote the second Italian goal (3-0) against Turkey tonight, said on the UEFA website: “Initially we had a problem, we tried to accelerate after stumbling against their wall for a long time. In the second half, they were very tired, the spaces were open. I dedicate the goal to my wife and my parents, and this is the feeling I felt tonight. “

23:10 – Italy-Mancini: “It’s important to start well”

Italy coach Roberto Mancini was openly satisfied with Italy’s meeting against Turkey and this huge victory (3-0): “Everything was in this match. We had the help of the public. We are very happy. The team really had a good match. Italy had a good match,” It’s important to get off to a good start in Rome, he agreed on TF1’s microphone. “

23:05 – Turkey disappointed

Is considered its outsider After a successful qualifying campaign for Euro 2021, which ended behind France, they did not lose in two matches, with Turkey losing a lot to Italy in this opening match (0-3) tonight. Purak Yilmas’ side have conceded just three goals in ten qualifiers against the Italians as of tonight. Unable to make the slightest shot, Turkey must hope to qualify for 16 rounds against Wales and then Switzerland.

23:00 – Italy waits for Switzerland

For the second day of the group stage, Italy will face Switzerland next Wednesday, still at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. For their part, Turkey will already play a decisive match in the remaining matches of the tournament against Wales in Baku.

22:55 – Italy leads Group E.

With this big win over Turkey (3-0), Italy are leading Group A after this first match of Euro 2021. On Saturday, Wales and Switzerland will face each other in Baku (15 hours).

22:50 – Match End (0-3)!

All lights ending in green for Italy. At the end of the meeting, possession of the ball was largely in his favor (39% against Turkey, 61%), and the Italians also created very serious chances, aiming for 8 shots against 2 shots on goal. Turkey, and therefore win this match logically (0-3).

22:48 – Three minutes extra time

During this second period between Turkey and Italy, Mr. spent three extra minutes at the Stadio Olympics in Rome. McKelly allows, everything is dead.

22:47 – Dervisoklu receives a yellow card

At the end of the match the Turks start to explode. Dervisoclu gets a yellow card for a bad block in Parella in the middle of the field.

22:45 – Scientific first player warns

At the end of the competition the Italians take place and walk around the meadows of the Stadio Olympico. Science, the symbol of his failed match, is warned of a terrible mistake.

22:42 – Italy: Bernardeci comes into action

After contact with Maras in the air, Ferrari is on the ground at the edge of the pitch, grabbing the left leg and calf. Roberto Mancini takes no risks and brings Bernardeci into his place.

22:38 – Italy: Mancini throws his attackers

Roberto Mancini is well aware that the game is over and brings out the two who made his opening attack. Goalkeepers, both InSign and Immobile are replaced by Sisa and Peloti.

22:37 – Insine opens its feet well this time!

Turkey takes water in this second period! Gagir makes a full axis recovery error and delivers the ball to the Italians. Unlike the first period to deceive the Turkish goalkeeper, the Transbalpine attackers are playing well to turn Insignia to the left! 3-0 for Italy.

22:36 – Goal for Italy (0-3)!

Lorenzo Inzain scored the opening goal for Italy in the 79th minute of this second half!

22:33 – Turkey: Dervisoklu comes into operation

Cenol Guns tries to bring fresh blood to his eleven. Karaman will be replaced by Galatasaray striker Dervisoklu, who will be in the spotlight tonight.

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