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Itália regista 2.949 novos casos, e 44 mortes nas últimas 24 horas

Italy recorded 2,949 new cases and 44 deaths during the past 24 hours


Italy recorded 2,949 new cases of the new Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, and 44 deaths, the lowest number since mid-October, according to data released today by the Ministry of Health.

In all, 126,046 people have died in Italy since the outbreak began in February 2020, the last 44 cases recorded between Saturday and today, the lowest number since 41 deaths were recorded on October 13, before the end of the year.

The number of new infections of 2,949 infections is less than the number recorded in the past few days, with the total number of positive infections reaching 4,216,003 since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy.

However, this data shows with fewer tests done, about 164.5K since Saturday, as is usual on Sundays.

As for the situation in Italian hospitals, the treatment pressure in hospitals continues to decrease, and among the 238,296 people currently infected with the virus, only 7,652 were hospitalized, which is 243 less than on Saturday.

Of these 1,061 patients who required intensive care, minus 34.

The vaccination campaign is progressing and more than 34 million doses have already been vaccinated to immunize 11,785,375 people, or 19.89% of the country’s population.

From June 3, Italy will begin vaccinating the entire population without discrimination of age or occupation.

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