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Itanhaém distributes more than 700 bottles of repellents to pregnant women – THMais

Itanhaém distributes more than 700 bottles of repellents to pregnant women – THMais

Due to concern about the risks caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the city of Itanheim began distributing 708 bottles of repellents in all Family Health Units (USF) last Thursday (2) to pregnant women undergoing antenatal care in the municipal health network.

To obtain repellents, a pregnant woman must be accompanied by the net and take the prescription provided during the prenatal consultation to the University of South Florida Pharmacy. One bottle per month is allowed per person.

Pregnant women are considered a group at risk, with a greater possibility of contracting the most serious type of the disease, while the risk of a child being born with neurological problems is 50% higher in fetuses exposed to the virus during pregnancy, according to studies conducted by a number of researchers. Fiocruz Bahia, Institute of Public Health of the Federal University of Bahia and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The repellent distributed in USF pharmacies is based on Icaridin, an ingredient recommended by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

According to the Ministry of Health, receiving the dengue vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women, and therefore the best way to prevent the disease is to avoid exposure to mosquito bites through the use of repellents.

Symptoms in pregnancy

The symptoms of dengue fever in pregnancy are similar to those in the general population, such as high temperature accompanied by two or more clinical manifestations, headache, pain behind the eyes, body and joint pain, and skin rash (redness), but until the twelfth week of pregnancy: During pregnancy, High fever has a greater likelihood of causing pregnancy loss.

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Verification of addresses of family health units:

USF Bellas Arts – Rua Ana María Martinez Rivera, 10 – Jardim Corumba – Phone: (13) 3426-1402
USF Guapiranga – Rua Aristeo Rodriguez da Silva, s/n – Guabiranga – Tel: (13) 3426-5807
USF Jardim Oasis – Rua Estanislao Geronimo, 418 – Jardim Oasis – Phone: (13) 3427-7533
USF Grandisp – Avenida Virginia, 108 – Jardim Santa Giulia – Phone: (13) 3425-3375
USF Givota – Avenida Flacides Ferreira, 500 – Givota – Phone: (13) 3429-1410
USF Center – Tiradentes Street, 98 – Jardim Mostero – Phone: (13) 3426-4685
USF Suarau – Avenida Padre Teodoro Ratisbon, 921, Suarão – Phone: (13) 3426-1577
USF Jardim Coronel – Avenida Domingos Pérez Dominguez, 734 – Jardim Coronel – Tel: (13) 3427-5524
USF Savoy – Rua Jaime Lino Dos Santos, 290 – Savoy – Phone: (13) 3426-1798
USF Lutie – Alameda Guaraçaí s/n – Campos Elíseos – Phone: (13) 3424-3279
USF Guapora – Rua 22, block 40 – Guapurá – Phone: (13) 3422 1074